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Tyler Berger

  1. Attorneys can perform background searches within the USPTO records. Before filing your mark, you need to make sure that it’s available! In order to save you marketing money, Attorneys can search your proposed name to check for conflicts that could prevent registration.
  2. Attorneys know exactly how to…

What is the purpose of the partnership?

How will profit and losses be split?

Is this equal to ownership interest? Did someone contribute more in terms of sweat equity, capital or invaluable knowledge, expertise, training or know-how? It is important that both parties have a good understanding of the value each person is assigning to certain contributions. …

  1. You have to set an appointment, dress up and be stuffy… or even worse wait in a cold lobby. Absolutely not! You can work with me without ever setting a face to face meeting. My client’s come from all over the United States. I communicate with my clients via email, video chat, screen sharing, phone calls and upon request, in person meetings. (Yes, you can wear yoga pants and mismatched socks.)
  2. You have to be prepared to pay high upfront fees. While legal services are an expense, I offer flat rate pricing on many of the services that businesses need…

Tyler Berger

Owner and founder of Berger Law Firm, PLLC, an entirely woman-operated business firm in Dallas, Texas.

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